[Cerowrt-devel] DSL devices?

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 14:59:50 EDT 2014

There are a LOT of dsl capable devices in openwrt barrier breaker. I
am curious if anyone has tried one of late? I just got back from
"farmstock", and as effective as software rate limiting can be, I
imagine that when someone is stuck at a line rate of 1Mbit down and
384k up that doing it in hardware is superior...

This was a classic bufferbloated plot on the existing 384k uplink there:


Downloads were not so bad, "only" 1sec of buffering...


there appears to be some level of ack prioritization or fair queuing
in play here, an internet radio flow would survive the onslought of
netperf-wrapper for 10s of minutes... and generally full download rate
was achieved at a huge cost in the upload.


you can imagine under the influence of two dozen millenials with 1 or
more phones/tablets each, the network performed rather badly during
the show.

Anyway, so I figure that there are a selection of DSL capable openwrt
platforms now someone can fiddle with....

PS wow was there a lot of traffic on the list while I was away. I am way behind.

Dave Täht

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