[Cerowrt-devel] So how far behind is the embedded router world, still?

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How would one get Linux Foundation to raise money to sponsor a router software initiative?

I can see that all the current network product OEMs might mass up to kill it or make it fail. Kind of like coreboot vs. UEFI.

But maybe Facebook or Amazon or Google - dedicated white-box fan companies - might do it. Or maybe there's a Chinese funding source.

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> they seem to live in a world where you take a linux kernel that's announced as LTS (in the best of worlds), work on that for 1-2 years during which you release an SDK, which then the device manufacturers will take and start putting their solutions on, which takes another 1-2 years before it reaches customers.

This in itself sounds like a colossal waste of developer man-hours.  Which really just serves to underline how clueless CPE vendors are - about their core business, no less.

They obviously have a lot more resources than we do.  What could *we* do with that level of funding and organisation?  Take six months, and put out a router that *doesn't* suck for a change!

 - Jonathan Morton

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