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We have standardized on 6.48.6 for the mikrotik routers. I will see if I
can get that ping test from a wifi client and will report back to you if I

2.4 ghz
20 mhz
reduce power by -3dB
auto channel(only allow 1,6,11)

auto cell size
auto channel and allow dfs

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> >
> > Dave recommended that I introduce myself to the list.
> Very nice to have you join us. There's been a lot of good traffic this
> month in the archives. Feel free to weigh in on any subject!!!
> >  I am a wifi engineer at Whitesky which is owned by Realpage(yeah I know
> about the lawsuit, that is not my group). We provide wifi and wired
> internet services at multiple family housing units. We have 600 sites in
> the USA and service 135k units. With about 60% being student housing and
> avg install 1200 APs a week. We range from a 20 unit complex to  5000 unit
> housing like Harvard graduate housing. Our standard deployment is an
> example of a 200 unit complex. We will order and install a 10gb wave or EPL
> from say level3, atnt, uniti or another fiber company between the site and
> one of our 13 datacenters. In the datacenter  we have IX connections,
> private peering and transit connections. The fiber will connected to a
> mikrotik crs317_1g_16s_rm to be used as a wan switch. Next we have a pair
> of ccr2004_1g_12s_2xs.
> What version of routerOS? I'm always at pains to say fq_codel was
> designed to run at line rate (cheaply), NOT shaped... and that the fq
> helps smooth out microbursts, and the aqm is way better than a drop
> tail queue, and am very enthused about the routeros 7.2 and later
> availability of it, but still struggle to convince people to
> "just turn it on" as we did in openwrt, linux, ios, etc so long ago.
> > Half of the site vlans are on one router and the other half on the other
> router. All vlans on each router we NAT(for v4) to a single public ip(so
> two public ip per site). We also dual stack for v6 and offer dhcpv6-pd on
> the wired network. After the routers they connect to the nexus 3k core
> switch and then 10gb links to 3750x that power APs in unit and service
> wired drops. We do not rate limit or do any type of shaping.
> This is one of those things that then, gets done naturally, at the
> bottleneck point, which is most likely
> the wifi, but might, in a complex campus, be at the up or downlinks. I
> was deeply impressed by the ruckus spec
> (
> https://www.digitalairwireless.com/articles/blog/ruckus-networks-delivers-their-first-802-11ax-product-and-it-is-a-beast)-
> which transliterated reads almost like a direct implementation of the
> stuff we described to them circa 2019? (2020?), in what I thought
> (then) was a  disastrous meeting with their (now ex) CEO. (I refer to
> this story here: )
> I'm dying to know what they actually implemented, notably if ECN is
> present or not. a packet capture of a ping -f -Q 1 -s 1440 from client
> to some other point ought (on a packet capture of the other point)
> show the CE bits set if they actually directly implemented the stuff
> from https://www.cs.kau.se/tohojo/airtime-fairness/ e.g. in wireshark:
> ipv6.tclass.ecn == 3
> or
> ip.dsfield.ecn == 3
> There's been a lot of research as to how much dscp or ecn "washing"
> actually existed across the internet. Most of it seemed to be coming
> from older, bigger ISPs.
> testing udp or tcp diffserv and ecn compliance e2e is also possible
> with the flent tool. Are the ecn bits preserved? (-Q 1 or -Q 2)
> I use irtt as a means to sweep the diffserv bits.
> >At all of our site we are doing a min of 1 ap in each unit. Some of our
> sites have paid extra and will get two ruckus r650 in say a 2 bedroom 2
> story townhouse.
> It is in general, my hope, more folk in dense deployments are using
> narrower channels.
> >
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