[Make-wifi-fast] a cheer up tweet for y'all

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Wed Jan 10 06:23:30 EST 2024

Bob McMahon <bob.mcmahon at broadcom.com> writes:

> This approach is not going to work. Sun workstations as the forwarding
> planes for WiFi doesn't work nor scale and is cost & power inefficient. The
> WiFi forwarding plane needs to be all hardware and not based off of BSD. It
> has to be like a port asic in an ethernet switch. No SoC.
> Ethernet NICs are targeting servers where the workstation/NIC model does
> work. WiFi is never going to be the basis for cloud servers.

Well, the original context of the question was "Linux WiFi drivers are
terrible, what can we do about that", and, well, providing proper
upstream drivers at HW launch is the way to solve that.

And even so, every Linux-based CPE in existence is a contradiction of
you assertion that software-based WiFi forwarding is "not going to
work". On the contrary, the SOCs with proper open source drivers and
support are the ones that work the best, because that means we can run
OpenWrt on them instead of the vendor crapware that they ship with.


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